Stock Footage

Stock Footage Library

Our HD library spans Indonesia, Yap, Thailand,

Malaysia, California and many more regions. Please contact us if you have HD footage needs in these and other areas.

Macdonald Productions (MP) established as a stock footage archive in 1998. Our footage library contains over 2000 hours of breathtaking footage from around the world. Numerous diving expeditions to rich, remote reefs has enabled MP to populate our stock footage library with hundreds of hours of broadcast quality marine life and tropical destinations.

The Indo-Pacific is the primary focus of the footage, with additional material from the Caribbean and California kelp beds. We have shark
action from all these locations, as well as colorful, unique and bizarre sea creatures many rarely seen by humans. We are very strong on pinnipeds such as sea lions frolicking and elephant seals with their elaborate mating rituals.

Topside includes Americana, USA landscape, country rock music, roadside attractions, underground human behavior, weird food (i.e. fried forest rat), shark finning, and extensive plastic pollution of rivers and ocean.

Specializing in:

Underwater and Water-Related


  • Marine debris, plastic pollution in rivers and open ocean
  • Mimic octopus
  • Dance 4 Oceans performances “Plastic Trash Zombies”
  • Elephant seal mating behavior
  • Deployment of worlds largest ocean energy platform: OTEC-1
  • Endangered and rare Indo-Pacific marine species
  • giant sea bass, turtles, manta rays, dolphins
  • Indo Pacific reefs and their inhabitants
  • Wrecks of ships and airplanes
  • Shark attacks!
  • Shark bites! Diving with blue sharks off California
  • Kelp bed environments


  • Carhenge: a model of Stonehenge, located in Nebraska, made of 60’s – 70’s era cars
  • Exotic Indonesian dances
  • Sacred Indian solar calendars (only video documents of these secret, sacred sites)
  • Burning Man event
  • Watersheds, wetlands and rivers in the USA
  • Swamps of southeastern United States


  • Rice cultivation
  • Markets
  • Fishing
  • Shark finning
  • Ancient burial sarcophagus
  • Temples with bats
  • Temples with monkeys.
  • Yapese cultural dances and villages


  • Mountains
  • Cosmic American music covers Gram Parsons
  • Deserts
  • Swamps
  • Fresh water springs
  • Shoreline vistas
  • Roadside attractions
  • Old buildings and remote highways
  • Native American Indian petroglyphs
  • UFO Museum, Roswell, NM
  • Sacred solar calendar sites