Video Licensing Fees

Television programming rates:
(Non-exclusive, licensed for one episode in perpetuity)
Worldwide, US Network, Cable, or Music video
0 thru 59 seconds…..@ $ 35.00 / sec
Up to five minutes…..@ $ 30.00 / sec
Five to ten minutes…@ $ 25.00 / sec
over ten minutes is negotiable
$ 300.00 minumum charge

Non Broadcast

(Non-exclusive; licensed for one year or specific project)
Corporate, CD Rom, Trade Show, P O P

Flat rate:
$25.00 per second / $ 1500.00 per minute
search fee may apply ($ 200.00)

Production Services / Resort Promotional Programs

Those interested in production consultancy or resorts interested in their own promotional program, contact:

Bill Macdonald at (310) 866-3683
email: bill@macdonaldproductions.com